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Stamper’s Survival Kit

Stamper’s Survival Kit

Inkpad- So we can leave our stamp on the world, ever changing and colorful

Brayer -To spread joy and color

Corner Rounder – Everyone needs to round their corner now and then and not be a square

Hole Punch- If it can’t be done, you can prove that it can, thereby punching a hole in the theory of impossibility

Eraser -To erase all the bad things that can happen during the course of a stamping day

Cardstock – The perfect medium for expressing ourselves and our individuality

Glitter -To put a little sparkle in your life

Glue -To hold it all together

Mask -To cover up the stuff you don’t want to see

Catalogue -So you can always have a dream

Stamps -To leave an image, no matter how small of who we are, what we like, and what we can’t seem to live without

Submitted by Betty

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