Positive Behavior Survival Kit for the Teacher of an Unruly Child

Positive Behavior Survival Kit for the Teacher of an Unruly Child

Penny- to help you make “cents” of the situation “Was it really that bad?

Rubber band-reminder to stay flexible-“children will be children”

Hugs and Kisses-every child and (teacher) deserves them

Lollipop- to help you lick anything

Band-aid- to heal hurt feelings theirs and yours

Eye mask- to cover your eyes and don’t mind the little things and “pick your battles”.

Rope-to remind you that when you reach the end of yours, just tie a knot and hang on.

Eraser- everyone makes mistakes and its okay
Sweet and Sour Candy to remind you to accept and appreciate the
differences in children

Stick- to remind you to stick to the basic classroom rules.

Gold coin- to remind you of the “golden rule”

Paperclip- to help you hold it all together

Candle- to remind you to share your light and experience with others.

Aspirin- When all else fails, take two, and send him/her to the Behavior
Specialist (Principal)

created by Linda joyner

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