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Principal’s Survival Kit

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Principal’s Survival Kit

1. The Cinnamon Toothpicks will help you “pick out” the special talents of your staff and yourself.

2. The Smarties will keep you thinking logically to solve tough problems.

3. The Bit-O-Honey is the “sweetness” you bring into the lives of those you touch.

4. The Laffy Taffy will remind you to always keep your sense of humor.

5. The Pumpkin Seeds will help you “grow” your staff personally and professionally.

6. The BB Bat will keep you from “striking out” while striving to reach your goals.

7. The Peppermint is the “mint” you are worth to your school and community.

8. The Candy Lipstick will help you communicate with students, teachers and parents.

9. The Candy Watch is to thank you for the countless hours you spend doing your job.

10. The Satellite Wafer acknowledges your talents are truly “out of this world”.
Almond Joy Bar – to remind you what “Joy” these children can give back to you

Starburst – to give you a “burst” of energy when you need it

Battery – to help you keep going, and going, and going

Lifesaver Candy – You may be the one to save the bright light in a child

Crayon – to remind you to color yours and the children’s day bright and colorful

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