Quilter’s Survival Kit

Quilter’s Survival Kit

Magnifier: Remember to never blow your mistakes out of proportion.

Finger protector: To remember that you are wrapped up in this wonderful piece of work…Enjoy!

Toothpick: to remember not to be too picky about your work just relax and do it.

Paper clips: to help hold things together like the patterns.

Spool of quilting thread: to help tight up the loose ends.

Eraser: to wipe away the mistakes you make

Rubber Band: so you can stretch beyond your current ability.

Mounds candy bar: to give you mounds of encouragement in your work

Jelly Beans: for all the colors in your creations

Pen and Journal: to write down new ideas and record the old ones

Hand lotion: to ease the pain from the tired hands after a hard days work between needles: for all your sharp ideas

Safety pins: just like your basting you are holding it all together

Piece of batting: to remind you to seek out a comfortable place to work

Several pieces of remnants: to show out of a little comes wonderful things

Disposable camera: picture all your hard work finished

Lollipop: lick all those tough stitches

Aspirin: for all those harder projects to come

Chocolate: for all the breaks you will need

Carefree gum: to remind you to have fun while you work

Batteries: so you will keep going and going and going

Teabag: have a cup of tea and relax you did a wonderful job on the quilt!!!!

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