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Retirement Survival Kit

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Retirement Survival Kit

Created By Pam!

Instant coffee – Retirement is one long “coffee break”

Crayon – to “color” all your days bright and sunny

A marble – for when you lose yours

Jar – use this as your “Retirement” fund jar

A mint or peppermint patty – Retire”mints” are when you stop living at work and begin working at living

Heart – Retirement brings the time and freedom to follow your heart

Smiley face sticker – have a “happy” retirement

A pack of seeds – may all your dreams grow like a garden

Funtac or fun dip – may all your days be fun

A joke – wishing you lots of laughs

Watch – your time’s your own now

Confetti – to celebrate all the joys a happy retirement can bring

A pillow – because you’ve earned your rest

Plastic egg – wishing you a fun-filled and “egg-citing” retirement

Lifesaver – retirement life is for yourself and your family

Kit Kat – for when it’s time to take a “break”

A marker – your retirement “marks” the beginning of a special joy for you – now you can do all those things you’ve always wanted to

Now you can live at your own pace

Submited by Pam

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  1. This is a nice list of gifts that people could buy for their retiring friends or family members. The Retirement Survival Kit looks like it would be helpful to someone who needs some guidance on what they should do after retirement. I think the idea behind this kit is pretty cool!


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