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Rising Gas Prices Survival Kit

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Rising Gas Prices Survival Kit

Rising gas prices

Regular – ARM.9

Plus – LEG.9

Premium – First Born.9

Put these with a jar or zip lock baggie:

The price of gas is unreal! You “auto” (put in toy car) see how they keep climbing. To keep you “rolling” (lifesavers, toy tires, tootsie roll, etc) along, here’s a little kit –

…arms, legs – graphics or pieces of discarded toys

…beans – for making gas

…bean spoon – will aid in removing gas from beans. The little farts will climb up the handle & jump over the side.

…cotton ball – for the rough roads ahead

…dammit doll

Whenever you go to pay for gas,
& rising prices are a pain in the ___,
you simply can’t do without
this dammit doll, so rant & shout;
“Gas prices are making me crazy!”
so find a place to slam it.
And as you whack the stuffing out,
yell, “dammit! dammit! dammit!”

…drinking straw – for siphoning gas

…first born contract:
I, _________(your name)_______, give up my first born child, under diress, so I can pay for a tank of gas.

…jar – when the survival kit is removed, it can be used to catch the bean farts as they escape

…kleenex – for those tears of joy when you find gas under $10.00 a gallon

…penny – so you won’t be completely broke after your next fill up

…toothpick – to help you pick the gas stations with the cheapest prices

Original Source Unknown, Shared on Discussion List

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