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Farmer’s Survival Kit

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Farmer’s Survival Kit

Shared by KrafteeKaren
Gloves: for when you need an extra pair of hands
Bandanna: when it gets too hot in the fields
Chapstick: to sooth your cracked lips
Notepad: to help keep tract of what was planted
Pencil: to remind you to list your blessings every day
Soap: to wash away the dust from the fields
Mints: because you are worth a “mint” to your family and friends
Hand Lotion: to remind you that you too need a little TLC
Lemon Drops: to remind you that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
Tiny Pig: to remind you to bring home the bacon
Candle: to remember to thank God for his guiding light
Match: To light your fire when you feel burned out

flashlight – so you can see your way home after dark
neck cooler – just because it gets mighty hot out there
toy tractor – a spare when yours breaks down
seeds – for the new crop
straw hat – to keep the sun off your head
WD-40 & duct tape – WD-40 for those things that don’t move but should;
duct tape for the other things that move & shouldn’t
sun block – for obvious reasons
sun glasses – to keep out the glare
insulated can holder, thermos, etc – to have something cool to drink
Lotion: ‘CornHusker’ lotion
Chapstick… to keep the blisters away
Bandanna… for the heat of the day

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1 thought on “Farmer’s Survival Kit”

  1. I’m interested in this gift idea. I have a friend who loves to spend time outdoors and would love it if she could one day start her own farm.


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