Parents Survival Kit

Parents Survival Kit

*Cotton Ball : for times when you can’t hear yourself think.

*Rope : in case you get to the end of yours.

*Rubber Band : to remind you to stretch and grow with your children.

*Sweet & Sour Candy : to remind you that every child is different.

*Eraser : so everyone can start each day with a clean slate.

*Clock : to remind you that children grow up too fast.

*Puzzle Piece : to remind you that you are an important piece in the journey of your child.

*Marbles : to replace the ones you’ve lost.

*Band Aid : to fix hurt feelings.

*Nuts : to remind you to laugh..get a little nutty.

*Tootsie Roll : to remind you to roll with the punches.

*Candle : so you never feel in the dark.

*Do Not Disturb Sign : to remind you that you need time to yourself.

*Aspirin : for when all else fails…take two.

*Peppermint : to remind you that your job as parents is worth a mint.

*A piece of velcro: for when you need to get a grip!

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