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Pastor’s Wife Survival Kit

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Pastor’s Wife Survival Kit

A golden thread – to remind you that friendship is the golden thread that ties together the hearts of everyone.

Hugs & Kisses – when you need a hug

toothpick – to help pick out the good qualities in others and yourself

lifesaver candy- for the times others need your help and you theirs

marbles- to replace the ones you’ve lost

Mounds bar- for the “mounds” of love and support in your congregation

tissues – to wipe the tears of joy and sadness

doorstop- so your door is always open

candle- to help light your path to God

cotton ball- for cushioned support of your husband for the rough roads ahead

button- to remind you to sometimes “button your lip”.

bandaid-to heal the pain and suffering within your church

pack of gum- so that your church can “stick together”.

crayon-to color your day bright and cheerful

sponge-for when your love overflows

penny-so you’ll never be broke

rubberband-to remind you to be flexible

puzzle piece-without you, things wouldn’t be complete

jewel-because you are as valuable as any precious stone!

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