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Menopause Survival Kit

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Menopause Survival Kit

put M&M’s into a cute container and add these directions

To temporarily calm your craving for chocolate, eat the BROWN one.

At the first sign of hot flashes eat the RED one.

Eat the ORANGE one to minimize depression.

The GREEN one calms your frustrations, when you want to be left alone.

If you feel a headache coming on eat the YELLOW one.

The BLUE one reduces bloating.

If all symptoms occur at the same time, eat the WHOLE bag.

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1 thought on “Menopause Survival Kit”

  1. I love the fact that you suggest different ways for us to relieve the symptoms.

    There are many ways, as you suggest to help with symptoms, especially hot flashes.
    I started writing for a Nutriceutical company, and learned that indeed natural remedies are available. I read about Black Cohosh and Ashwaganda roots, which are herbs and plants, and that they were used by ancient cultures.
    Since I was experiencing menopause symptoms, I was glad
    they gave me a supplement to try, called MEGAPAUSE. It had the natural ingredients I mentioned . There are several like it on the market, and worth trying, in addition to having a lifestyle of eating whole foods, eliminating sugar and processed foods and moderate exercise.

    I will put a reference link below to the Megapause supplement, to see the ingredients.

    Hope this helps.

    Sara Lynn


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