Foster Parent Survival Kit

Foster Parent Survival Kit

basket: when you feel like a basket case, take a break & slow your pace

Almond Joy – thanks for adding joy to the life of a foster child

angel – foster parents are heaven-sent

fan – so you can keep your cool when difficult situations arise

toothpick – attitude is everything, so ‘pick’ a good one

balloon – when you need to blow up, blow this instead

bandaid – to heal hurt feelings

battery – to remind you to recharge your own batteries

bear – you make life ‘bear’able for these kids

spider – in ‘spider’ everything, you continue to open your hearts & your homes to these children

toy car – when you feel ‘exhausted’ this will keep you rolling along

marbles – when when you have lost yours

crayon – because you color the world with love

duct tape – when you have tried everything, you still have one more option

ear plugs – for the times when you can’t hear yourself think

bean – because you’ve always ‘bean’ there when we needed you

rose – you rose to the occasion & have taken these children in

gem – what a treasure!

gloves – thanks for lending a hand (sometimes foster parents offer an
emergency temporary home)

hugs candy – for when you need a hug

lifesaver – for all the times when you have come to the rescue; in case you
get in over your head

mint – we appreciate your commit-‘mint’

calculator – I can always count on you for last-minute placements, etc.

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