Mail Carrier Survival Kit

mail carrier survival kit
Mail Carrier Survival Kit

Mail Carrier Survival Kit- Show your mail carrier how much you appreciate them year round with this fun survival kit.

Bag…to put your frustrations, worries and troubles in before you go home

Cotton Balls…to cushion your rough roads

*…Hamburgers…to divert the dogs attention

Happy Faces…to remind you that smiling is contagious

M & Ms…to remind you that you are “M”arvelous and “M”eaningful

Mounds Bar…for the mounds of miles you walk keep you cool help you “cut” out the bad parts of your day

Snickers remind you to keep your sense of humor give you that extra “burst” of energy at the end of your route

Symphony Bar…to put some music into your route

Tootsie Roll…to help complaints “roll” off your back

P.S….I asked the Postmaster to increase your salary to “$100 GRAND” and he said that your “CHEX” are in the mail.

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