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Grandparents Survival Kit

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Grandparents Survival Kit

Hand Lotion : to remind you that babies need a soft touch

Safety Pin : to help remind you to be safe

Marbles : to replace the ones you may have lost raising your own kids

Lifesavers : because grandparents can be lifesavers

Pen and paper : to remind you to write down your thoughts and memories to share with them when they are older

Small hand mirror : to remind you that you play a very important roll in the life of your grandchild!

Wipes : for cleaning up those little messes

Candle : to remind you, you will be the light of that child’s eye

Peppermint : to remind you that you are worth a mint

Brag Book : so you will always have your grandchild near

Sweet & Sour Candy : to remind you that every child can be both at any given moment

Clock : to remind you that time passes to quickly…enjoy every minute

Mounds Bar : for the mounds of wisdom you will pass on to your grandchild

Starburst : for that extra burst of energy when you wear out but they don’t.

Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses : because you deserve them

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