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Golfer’s Survival Kit

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Golfer’s Survival Kit

Chocolate Golf Balls : for the golfer that lost his

Small Flashlight: to help you find your ball when it starts to get dark and you are still looking.

Lifesaver Candy : for when your ball gets hit into the water (or sand trap)

Rubber Band : to remind to stay flexible when you swing.

Eraser : to remind you that with your next golf game you start with a clean slate.

Quarter : may this be the only “eagle” you get

Wooden Egg : for all those Birdies

Band Aid: for the blisters from holding the golf club so tight.

Visor: for shielding the sun from the face

Sweet & Sour Candy : to prevent any harsh words slipping out.

Extra Pencil : in case you need to cheat a little.

Snickers Bar : to remind you that you are having fun.

A Joke Book for Golfers : to pass time for when it rains.

Aspirin to take away the headache that was caused from the game!

Gum : to help you “stick” with that difficult hole.

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