Fisherman’s Survival Kit

Fisherman’s Survival Kit

Band-Aid : for when you get hooked instead of the fish.

Snickers Bar : to remind you to keep your sense of humor.

Paper clip : for when you run out of hooks.

Lifesavers : just in case your boat tips over.

Gummy worms : in case you run out of bait.

Joke Book : to help you pass the time.

A gift certificate at McDonalds : in case you don’t catch any fish.

Gum : to remind you to “stick” with it.

Tissue : to dry your tears when the big one gets away.

Sponge : to soak up the water….in case you spring a leak.

Notepad : to start writing your story about how the “big one” got away.

Labels to attach to the fish that say : “Objects are larger than they appear.”

Hugs and Kisses : to remind you that I still love you even if you don’t catch “the big one”

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