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Why I Love You Survival Kit

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Why I Love You Survival Kit

Jolly Rancher : for all the times you make me laugh

Sweet Escapes: for the special times we spend alone

Hugs & Kisses: yours are simply the best

100,000 Bar : you are worth more than a grand to me

Skittles : for the rainbow of colors life has become since I met you

Peppermint Patty : for the cool sensations you give me

Cotton Ball : to help soften any rough times

Popcorn : cause you keep popping into my thoughts

Balloon : because you encourage me to reach for the sky

Needle & Thread : to remind you that we are bound together

Match : we are a perfect match

Pom Pom : for the warm fuzzies you give me

Silk Rose : which will last forever…like us

Puzzle Piece : without you I’m not whole.

posted by Olivia

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