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Psychologist / Therapist Survival Kit

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Psychologist / Therapist Survival Kit

Tylenol : for the headaches you will get

Marbles : for when you lose your own

Paper & pen : Jotting down appointments

Cotton ball : remember feelings are soft

Rubber band : for your thinking to be flexible

Button : to button your lip from saying what you may really think

Toothpick : to help pick through the problems that can be helped and fixed, and which ones can’t.

Tea bag : to remember to take some time out and relax

Caffeine : to help you stay awake

Starburst : for when you need that burst of energy

Nuts : to help remember, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

M&M’s : Everyone knows M&M’s makes friends!

Puzzle piece: Cause sometimes there are people who can’t make it without you

Quarter : for when you need to call in for a mental health day for yourself!

Smiley face : to remember your impact on those you help

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1 thought on “Psychologist / Therapist Survival Kit”

  1. “It’s hard to be a therapist. Behind the calm exterior, we’re constantly dealing with heavy emotions every day and aren’t always able to go home at night.”

    Psychologists often come across difficult situations in their work environment which can leave them feeling emotionally drained by the end of each day; they may not even have time for themselves outside of working hours!

    This is a great little pick me up.


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