New Mother’s Survival Kit

New Mother’s Survival Kit

Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses: for you and the baby, for you both deserve them

Penny: for your thoughts

Pen & Journal: to write down your thoughts & to remember those amazing moments

Clock: to remind you that time will pass by too quickly, enjoy every moment

Mirror: to remind you that you are important too

Marbles: to replace the ones you will lose

Jewel: now that you are a mother, you are even more valuable

Rubber band: to remind you that flexibility is the key

Lifesavers: to save you from one of those days

Tissue: to dry those tears, the babies and yours

Toothpick: to pick out the good in all situations

Fireball: for times when you are burnt out

Lollipop: to lick all your problems

Eraser: to remind you that every new Mom made mistakes

Puzzle Piece: because you are an important piece in your child’s journey through life

Starburst: for energy!

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