Valentine Survival Kit

Valentine Survival Kit
Jolly Rancher – all the times you’ve made me laugh.
Sweet Escapes – the special times we spend alone.
Hugs and Kisses – yours are simply the best.
100,000 dollar bar – you are worth more than a grand to me.
Peppermint Patty – for the cool “sensations” you give me.
Skittles – for the rainbow of excitement we share.
Cotton ball – to help soften the rough times.
Popcorn – because you keep popping into my thoughts.
Match – because we are a perfect match.
Lighter – because you light up my life.
Pack of Gum – I “chews” you for my Valentine.
Candy corn – this may be “corny”, but be my Valentine.
Mint – I “mint” to ask you to be my Valentine.
Hershey’s Kiss – I kiss for you if you’ll be mine.
Bubble gum – Don’t burst my bubble, be my Valentine.
Sucker – I’m no sucker, I want you for my Valentine.
Snickers bar – Don’t snicker, I think we’d be cute Valentines.
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