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Diabetic Survival Kit

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Insulated kit for travel with diabetic supplies (has elastic to hold syringes, pocket for wipes, place for insulin bottles, and a small ice pack you store in freezer when not in use, as well as heavy insulation– found it at Price Less Drug Store and other places

Really nice high quality socks to protect feet of a diabetic, look for no seams even in toes area to chafe feet of diabetic

nice creams for rubbing on feet with verse about caring for feet.

mirror for inspecting parts of feet that are harder to see as we get older and less flexible

nice box of Whitmans Sampler sugar free chocolate creams, yummy even to me a person who usually dislikes the flavor aftertaste of sugar substitute

Sugar free things: breath mints, herbal tea, sugar free cookbook or recipe cards

Subscription to a good magazine like Diabetic Self Care

Exercise is usually recommended, along with weight loss where necessary, so perhaps a pair of jogging shoes, a pedometer, or a gift certificate for a consult with a sports coach or nutritionist to encourage new habits

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1 thought on “Diabetic Survival Kit”

  1. i wish someone would have given me one of these when i found out i have lada. (type 1 that appears in the 20’s)


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