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Doctors Survival Kit

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Doctors Survival Kit

$100,000 Bar : Incase some patients can’t pay their bill.

Butterfingers : So you never have a case of your own.

Gum : Use this to get out of “sticky” situations.

Starburst : Chew when you have been on call too long and you need a quick
“burst” of energy.

Plastic Maze : This will remind you that what you do is truly “amazing”.

Sugar Cube : Just incase you ever have to “sugar” coat it.

Fireball : For the times you feel completely “burned” out.

Rubberband : For when your “patients” are being “stretched”.

Snickers : After all – laughter really is the best medicine.

Aspirin :Take two and call me in the morning.

Lifesaver :To remind you that you are a real “lifesaver”.

Coke-Caffeine, Caffeine , CAFFEINE

Pacifier-For emergencies (when you need to pacify those that are unhappy)

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