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Christmas Survival Kit

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The holidays are coming, Create your own Holiday Survival Kit to hand out to family and friends this holiday Season.

Collect Each of the following items, place them in a baggie, print out the following content explanation and add to the bag. Attach a cute topper and give as a gift.Peppermints – to settle the tummy from overindulging

A stick of gum~ to remind you to stick to that Holiday shopping.

A candle~ to remind you to shine brightly.

A chocolate kiss~ to remind you that you are loved.

A match~ to light a fire under you when you feel burned out.

A Tootsie Roll~ to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew.

A pin ~ to remind you to stay sharp.

A Smartie~ to help you on those days you don’t feel so smart.

A Starburst ~ to give you a burst of energy on days you don’t have any.

A Snickers~ to remind you to take time to laugh.

Confetti~ to remind you to have fun.

A bandage ~ to fix things that just will not work.

Crackers~so you will always have “Food” for thought.

Battery ~so you can keep going and going and going and going.

Almond Joy ~to remind you of the JOY of the season.

A bag ~ to help you keep it all together.

A few Holiday Survival Kit Gift Basket addition ideas:

Calorie Counter Book: to help remind you of all those calories to avoid

Christmas cd: music to listen to while wrapping gifts

Cookie recipe: one more to add to your “favorites” section

Gift tags: for the ones you will run out of

Clear tape : for the roll you forgot to buy

Relaxing bubble bath or Bath Oils: to take away your “shopping spree aches and pains”

Tea : to help you calm your nerves

Tylenol– to take away the headache of overdoing

Slimfast– to kick off the diet you will need to start

Pocket Date Book– to track all of the must do’s

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