Drill Sargent Survival Kit

Being a Drill Sergeant is sometimes a thankless job. Show your appreciation and sense of humor with this funny “Drill Sargent Survival Kit” gag gift idea.

Collect Each of the following items, place them in a baggie, print out the following content explanation and add to the bag. Attach a cute topper and give as a gift.
Throat lozenges: to soothe your throat after screaming at the recruits all day

Spray starch: to help you be even more stiff and unyielding with the rules

A bag of craft doll hair so that when you go out into public you can “have some” hair

A bag of hard candy :to sweeten your disposition

A bag of life-savers:to thank you for the fine training you gave my Son/Daughter which will keep him/her safe

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