Bus Driver Survival Kit

Bus Drivers have an important job that can be rather stressful. This creative survival kit will keep your favorite driver smiling and makes a cute pick-me up for any occasion.

Collect Each of the following items, place them in a baggie, print out the following content explanation and add to the bag. Attach a cute topper and give as a gift.

Tootsie roll: so you can “roll” down the highway

Sponge: to soak up the rain, so you don’t have to drive in it

Mounds : for the mounds of miles that you drive

Marbles : to replace the ones you’ve lost

Gem : to remind you that you are carrying precious cargo

Aspirin : take two every day

Cotton Ball : to cushion those rough roads

Rubber bands : for when your patience is stretched

Tums : for all the nervous stomachs

Mirror : to remind you how important you are.

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