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Bike Rider Survival Kit

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The Bike Rider Survival Kit is a fun gag gift idea for bike riders of all ages, from bicycles to hogs.

bike-rider-survival-kitCollect Each of the following items, place them in a baggie, print out the following content explanation and add to the bag. Attach a cute topper and give as a gift.
First Aid Kit – For All wounds during bike ride

Kleenex– For the tears of joy at the finish line

Comb– Keep that hair in style

Flashlight – Light up your life

Cotton Balls – Cushion the blows

Eye-drops – Keeps the eyes fresh

Erasers – Erases the pain

Chapstick– No cracked lips

Bubble Bath – Soak those tired muscles

Cologne – Remove the odor of sweat, when your deodorant isn’t quite enough!

Sweat Bands – Keep the sweat out of your eyes

Sun Blocker – to prevent raccoon eyes

Moist Towelette – Keep cool & wipe the sweat off your brow

Compass – Never be lost, stay on track

Anti fog for glasses

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