Birthday Survival Kit

birthday survival kit
Birthday Survival Kit

Create a crafty Birthday Survival Kit – a perfect fun pick-me up gift that will amuse your friends and family.

Money: So you have some to burn

Confetti– Don’t go to pieces just because your another year older

Crayon-So you can have a bright and colorful day

Candle: Remember not to burn it at both ends

Balloon – Let the air out of all your worries

Candy– May your special day be as sweet as you are

Streamers to decorate your soul

A party horn –so you can toot your own

A party top hat–cause you’re tops

A teensy gift that is wrapped with the “gift” poem on it

A piece of wrapping paper-so you can wrap yourself in surprises

Cake sprinkles--to shower you with a rainbow of happiness

A sugar rose-to remind you to stop and smell the roses along the way matches -to light your birthday candle or your fire!

An ice cream cone–to savor the moment (perhaps make a satin ice-cream scoop to put in it!)

A cup cake–so you can have your cake and eat it too

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