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Back to School Survival Kit

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Heading back to School can be a nerve wrecking time for kids. This crafty survival kit will bring a smile to the student in your life.

back-to-school-survival-kitCollect Each of the following items, place them in a baggie, print out the following content explanation and add to the bag. Attach a cute topper, one is provided for you below, and give as a gift to a student heading back to school.

Band Aid~ to remind you that feelings get hurt easily

Chocolate Hug ~ to comfort you when you are feeling sad or alone.

Cotton Ball ~ to remind you that the classroom is full of kind words and warm comfortable feelings.

Eraser~ to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and this is okay.

Fruit by the Foot- to remind you to put your best “Foot” forward

Almond Joy Candy bar
– because we hope this year brings you great JOY

Lollipop– to remind you that you can “Lick” any problem that comes your way!

Ribbon ~ to remind you that friendship ties our hearts together.

Paperclip– to help you “hold it all together”

Pencil– to let you know that we think you’re “Sharp”

Smarties– to remind you to boost your brain power

Sponge– to remind you to Soak it all in

Starburst candy ~ to remind you that you are always a star in class…and
everyone shines in his own way.

Sticker ~ to remind you that the class sticks together and helps each other.

Tissue ~ to remind you to help dry someone’s tears.

Toothpick ~ to remind you to “pick out” the good things in your classmates and yourself.

Free Printable Topper:

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9 thoughts on “Back to School Survival Kit”

  1. this is such an amazing idea, especially when a child moves to a new school and is scared. i have school age kids and a college student and i plan to use this for all of them this year.. thanks for the ideas

  2. in my area, local businesses “adopt” local schools and classrooms with a stuff the bus collection. people donate things to be provided to local schools.
    my sister is a 3rd grade teacher. I am adopting her class room this year and hope to send little gifts throughout the year.

    This will be a perfect way to start the school year.

  3. what a cute idea! i hope to get these made and tuck them into their backpacks on the first day of school, which is wednesday. gotta get busy!


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