Baseball Coach Survival Kit

baseball coach survival kit
Baseball Coach Survival Kit

Coaching Baseball is fun, but it can also be challenging dealing with a team of youngsters (& their Parents!). Your favorite baseball coach will love this funny Baseball Coach Survival Kit.

Sponge: to remind you that some days your kids will think you are all wet!

Marbles: to replace the ones you use

Puzzle Piece :to remind you that every child is an important part of the team

Gum : to help your team stick together

String : for when you get to the end of your rope

Rubberband : to remind you to be flexible

Clay: to remind you that you are forming young lives

Snickers Bar : to remind you to just laugh at the umpires bad calls

Ear Plugs : for when you can’t hear yourself think

Peanuts : to remind you that it’s OK to be nutty sometimes

Sweet & Sour Candies : to appreciate the differences in your players

Eraser: to remind you that even coaches and umpires make mistakes

Star: to make every player shine

Bubble Gum: to remind you not to burst any childs’ bubble

Balloon: so you can teach your team to reach for the sky!

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