30th Birthday Survival Kit

30th Birthday Survival Kit

Created by Pam

Oh No “It’s the BIG 3-0”!!!!
Wishing you a bright and happy day and a year filled with dreams come true!!!!

Shot glass – It’s your 30th birthday — YOU call the “shots”

Pasta – Don’t let the time “pasta” you by

Candle- May all your birthday wishes and dreams come true

Foil- It’s your day to shine

Crayons – So you can have a bright and colorful day

Confetti – Don’t go to pieces just because you’re 30!

Bonding glue – we have a bond of shared experiences I will always treasure

Assorted Fish- “Fishing” you a happy 30th birthday

Sweet-tarts – It’s great having a sister and friend as sweet as you

“Special” Dark Chocolate – Each birthday just makes you more and more “special”

Flower- May your 30th birthday be filled with beautiful things

Lifesavers- May all the days of the rest of your life be the very BEST of your life

Almond Joy – May your 30th birthday be a joyful celebration

Happy Face – Wishing you a beautiful day filled with happy moments

Birthday Cake- Go ahead and eat some cake, it’s your day to celebrate

Lollipops – lick the 30th birthday blahs

Wrapping paper – wishing you a birthday WRAPPED in happiness, touched by magic and filled with love

Silly putty – take the time today to be silly “YOU’RE 30”!!!!

Halls drops – May health, peace and happiness be yours throughout the year

Sun – Hope your 30th birthday is sunny side up




30th Birthday Survival Kit Gift Idea

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