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Coupons For Teens & Tweens

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Coupons Ideas for Teens & Tweens

Coupons For Teens & Tweens- here are several different ideas for homemade gifts, be sure to specify which month and the dollar limit for the coupons before you give them!


  • Good for 1 Full tank of Gas, (be sure to designate which month the coupon is redeemable in)
  • Good for 1 Manicure (for the Gals)
  • Good for Haircut, designate month
  • Good For 1 Video/Computer Game (Set Dollar Limit)
  • “Mom’s Taxi Service”: 1 Ride to & from Destination of your choice
  • Coupon for Magazine Subscription of their choice
  • Coupon for Bowling with 1 friend
  • Get out of 1 Chore Free Day

Print Pre-made Coupons for Teens and Tweens here:

We’d love to hear your ideas for homemade gift coupons for Teens and Tweens as well, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Coupons For Teens & Tweens”

  1. Thank you! I’ve been looking for inexpensive ways to reward my teens for good behavior and these printable coupons are perfect. My daughter has been working hard to keep her room picked up and my son is getting to that age where he does things once in awhile without me mentioning it, for instance- taking out the garbage without being asked.

    I thought of a few ideas for coupons for teens too!

    1. Comfy Pajama & Couch day– for one of those days when they just want to unplug from the world
    2. Stay out Past Curfew – kind of like a get of jail free card for a 17 year old haha
    3. Pick Tonights Dinner – particularly helpful if they have a favorite (or least favorite!) meal
    4. Dessert for Breakfast – kind of self-explanatory
    5. Sleep until Noon – with no complaints from mom or dad

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