Tylenol Candles

You will need 1 red and 1 white votive candles (or use one red and one yellow for Extra Strength!)

Place the candles bottom to bottom and wrap in some cellophane “candy style” – with ends twisted and tied with ribbon.

Print one of the following poems and attach to the ribbons on the end.

From dusk to dawn and far beyond,
A mother’s work is never done!
There’s always one more thing to do,
It isn’t always fun!!
This ‘Tylenol’ is just for you,
To catch a moments rest!
Light one, sit down, take a little rest,
And know that you are surely blessed!!


You work so hard,
please don’t be blue,
this ‘Tylenol’ is just for you!!
If at the end of the day you find,
that you’re about to lose your mind,
this ‘Tylenol’ when lit, I pray,
will help your stress to melt away!!

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