All I Need to Know… About Life I learned from Wolves

All I Need to Know… About Life I learned from Wolves
Eat plenty in each sitting.
Always drink lots of water.
Food is better when it’s shared with all your friends.
Mate for life.
Remember that there are other kinds of creatures in the world besides you.
Don’t go after game that is stronger than you.
Know the difference between predator and prey.
Stick with the Pack.
You’re never going to catch everything you chase.
Save something for later.
Self-preservation is the only reason to hurt someone else.
Never be less than what you are.
The stronger you are, the easier you’ll survive.
Keep your spirits high, and your tail low. It saves energy.
You can never go by appearances.
Don’t be afraid the question the authority of an Alpha.
Some humans are friendly, but some can’t be trusted.
If your prey gets away, hunt again tomorrow.
Trust your sense of smell.



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