All I Need to Know… About Life I learned as a Passenger

All I Need to Know… About Life I learned as a Passenger
.No matter which lane you are in, the other one will always move faster
*The only bad driver in a 100 mile radius will be in front of you, when you switch lanes to lose them, they will switch to
*Some of the best food you can get on the road is found in those 24 hour truck stops
*If you are completely lost chances are the one person you ask will be from out of state
*The map you have will almost always be the “wrong” one
*Nothing is ever clear enough
*Road signs are too few
*In times of panic…sleep…when you wake up everything will probably be ok
*You’re either going too damn slow or really fast
*Men will always say that women can’t drive
*Road rage is a real thing
*You can tell a lot about a person from the way they handle traffic
*It doesn’t matter where you come from, every other driver stinks



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