Redneck Briefcase

The Redneck Briefcase is not for the faint of heart. This gift idea requires the recipient to truly have a wonderful sense of humor.

Take a pair of men’s briefs and sew the leg holes shut. Attach elastic handles to the waist band with buttons. Then place the following items into the “brief case”:

  • nail – hillbilly toothpick
  • old car key – hillbilly ear wax remover
  • newspaper strips the size of toilet paper – hillbilly toilet paper
  • a jar of beans – hillbilly bubble bath
  • matches and a jar -hillbilly lantern
  • belly button brush –directions

Leave the fly area open as this holds pens and pencils really well, it will also hold a cell phone.

Additional Items for the “Briefcase”

  • Redneck Calculator (This could be added to the Briefcase) Add a pair of feet with all ten toes cut out of construction paper then folded like a card and inside the card all the toes numbered.
  • Redneck Telephones– two tin cans with string attached to both.
  • Redneck Cell Phone– one tin can with an antenna
  • Redneck Microwave -magnifying glass (uses the sun to cook)
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