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Poor Woman’s Boob Job

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Can’t afford a real boob job? Don’t Despair, simply fill with air- inflate this fun poor womans boob job gag gift idea.
Take 2 flesh or clear balloons a straw and put on a topper that reads:


Insert balloon into bra pocket, insert straw into balloon and blow to desired size, add clip or knot to prevent shifting of size or air escape. Repeat for other side. Caution: Stay away from sharp objects and over squeezing!

Additional Sayings to attach, if desired:

  • Don’t Despair, fill with Air!

Bigger boobs dust
Alakazam, Alakazear
Make my flat chest disappear,
In it’s place put a large bust
With the help of this Magic Dust.
Forget double D, forget double E;
Make them a whopping double G.

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