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Santa’s Stinky Socks

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Santa’s Stinky Socks is a fun crafty novelty gift idea for the holidays.

What you Need:

  • Pair of Decorative Christmas Socks
  • Pot Pourri
  • Curling Ribbon

What to Do:

Stretch out those holiday socks, tug and pull. Fill with Potpourri until firm.
Using the curling ribbon, tie off the top and leave some ribbon hanging decoratively.

Attach a cute tag:

“Santa’s Stinky Socks”
On Christmas Eve I crept downstairs
Just to have a peek
And there was Santa on my chair
Warming up his feet
His shoes and socks were on the floor
When old Rudolph shouted ‘Please’
Hurry up we’ve work to do
And our hooves have started to freeze
So Santa jumped up quick and fast
Grabbed his things as he headed out the door
But he raced out to his sleigh
He dropped this sock onto my floor
Now when you visit our house
Just look what’s on our tree
It’s a very special Christmas sock
It belonged to Santa once – you see

Created by the Super Talented © Yvonne Lowther 2003

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