Santa Snot Gag Gift

Santa Snot is an amusingly nasty little gag gift that will thrill youngsters . . .

Place some Green M&M’s or Green Tic Tacs in a Baggie
and attach a cute topper with one of the following poems attached:

Some kids are so special
they won’t be forgot
others are so horrible
they’re getting Santa snot!
So what sort of kid are you
naughty or real nice?
guess if you’re reading this
Santa checked his list twice!!
© Sue Pitchfork


It’s ‘snot’ a lot to ask for
So make sure you watch what you do
And always remember your manners
A little please or a thank you

For it could make the difference
When you start to jump about
And open up your stocking
To find that Santa’s snot falls out

Remember he is watching
His elves are around a lot
And if you’re being naughty
All you’ll get is Santa’s snot
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

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