Magic Reindeer Food

Magic Reindeer food is a wonderful treat for children to sprinkle on their lawns to help guide Rudolph and his friends to your home on Christmas Eve.
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On Christmas Eve, Sprinkle this magic Reindeer food on your lawn.

The magic glitter sparkling in the moonlight and the smell of oats will guide Rudolph to your home. Place 1/8 c. oatmeal
2 tsp glitter in a baggie

If you tend to have a lot of wildlife in your area, try this alternative “sparkly” recipe.

1/2 c. Oatmeal
1 T. Clear Decorative Sugar Crystals
1 T Red or Green Sugar Crystals

Tie with the red ribbon with the above verse and a little bell, curl the ribbon and Voila, your done. The kids will have a good time sprinkling this out on the lawn Christmas eve.

7 thoughts on “Magic Reindeer Food”

  1. I did this with my boys when they were younger. We’d come home after opening gifts at their grandparents and Midnight Mass. It helped to settle them down so Santa could make his appearance.

    Good memories!!!


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