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Christmas Mouse Poop

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Christmas Mouse Poop is a fun gag gift idea for all ages, children find this particularly amusing.

On Christmas Eve as I was snug in my bed,
Guess what some little “creatures” were doing instead?
Little mice were making their stops
And, of course, they left their teeny-tiny “plops”.
On Christmas Morn I did awake,
Oh me, oh my, oh goodness sake!
Those adorable rodents had left such sweet gifts,
So I gathered and packaged them up in a jiff.
And, now, this Christmas I present to you
This little bag of mice “doo-doo”!

Need Ideas for what to use as the “poop”?

  • ~Chocolate Sprinkles in a small baggie and add a cute Topper with the above saying printed on it.
  • ~Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

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