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Make Your Own Furniture Gag Gift Idea

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If you have access to a handful of acorns, you can create an absolutely hilarious Make Your Own Furniture Gag Gift. This is a great stocking stuffer or housewarming gift for first time home buyers.

Idea #1:

Take a box and label it “Unfinished” Furniture, add a couple pictures of furniture & write “Directions” at the top. Add a small branch, leaves & all.

make-your-own-furniture-gag-gift-idea Free Printable Topper

Idea #2: MYO Furniture Gag

Take a small box or gift bag and add a little plant pot, a baggie w/ 1 c. of potting soil, and several acorns. Write up some instructions:
Plant acorns, wait 50 years, cut down tree, make furniture.

Yield: 1 Bedroom Set, 1 Dining room set & 2 nightstands per kit.

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