Salad Gift Basket Idea

Create a Healthy gift the entire family can enjoy, simple line a Salad Serving bowl or basket with a pretty tablecloth (or placemats, or linen napkins)

Fill it with the Following:

* Salad Dressing Decanter or cruets
* Salad Dressing Mixesin Jars or in Bags with Toppers
* Caesar Salad Dressing Mix
* French Dressing Mix
* Italian Salad Dressing Mix
* Ranch Salad Dressing Mix
* Thousand Island Dressing Mix
* Bottle of Olive Oil
* A few Bottles of Flavored Vinegars
* Croutons
* Salad Tongs

Makes a great family gift for less than $15.00 you could also add pretty napkin rings, or a set of 4 salad bowls in a nice design.

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