Miracle Growing Solution for Plants

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Miracle Growing Solution for Plants

Each year we’re blessed with gorgeous gardens that produce colorful blooms in staggering abundance. We’re frequently asked what we use to keep the plants in such condition, well, here’s my little secret…


I make my own miracle growing solution, a simple blend of common household ingredients that ensure the plants get just the right amount of nutrients that they crave, ensuring rapid growth and beautiful blooms.


When making this solution, like any other fertilizer, it should be kept out of reach of both pets and children.


Miracle Growing Solution for plants:

You’ll Need:
1 gallon of water
1 tbsp epsom salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp of Household ammonia.

Combine the ingredients together in a gallon jug that has been labeled and apply liberally to the soil of the plants you wish to feed once per month. Make only as much as you need, it doesn’t seem to store very well long-term.

Now, this solution is one that we reserve for use on flowers and small shrubs. We use a self-watering, no weed, self fertilizing, organic growing system for our fruits, vegetables and coffee (yes, I grow my own coffee too!).

See how that system works Here.

Another fantastic option is to make your own homemade manure or weed compost tea. The weed compost can be created using clippings from your latest lawn mowing adventure, or alternatively, you can create manure compost tea by following this recipe.

As long as you regularly fertilize your plants to ensure the soil stays rich with nutrients, they’ll grow well.

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  1. How about posting info on how you grow coffee? What zones, conditions, etc? That would be a very cool thing to bring to school.

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