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Homemade Compost Tea

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To prevent blight and other pathogens from destroying plants many home gardeners have had great success using homemade manure tea. Soak the area around plants and use as a foliage spray.


Manure or Compost tea is not recommended for use on seedlings as it may encourage damping-off disease.

To make your own, fill a 30 gallon trash can with water. Let sit for 24 hours to evaporate the additives (use rain water if you can). Add about 4 shovels worth of manure to this and cover. Let it sit for 2-3 weeks, stirring once a day. Strain and apply as needed.

Various manures supply nutrients as follows: be aware that ALL manure must be aged as fresh manure will burn plants terribly due to the high amounts of ammonia.

Chicken manure: nitrogen rich: use for heavy feeders such as corn, tomatoes and squash.

Cow Manure: potash: use for root crops.

Rabbit manure: promotes strong leaves and stems.

Horse manure: leaf development.

Compost Tea: Make and use just the same as you would the manure tea. This is another terrific
reason to compost all those prunings, grass clipping and kitchen wastes.

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