Tomato Virus Protective Spray

tomato virus protective spray
Tomato Virus Protective Spray

If your tomato plants are suddenly wilting it may be due to a tomato virus such as the cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), the single and double virus streak (also known as leaf rolling) Double virus streak is caused by a strain of tomato mosaic tobamovirus and potato virus X potexvirus, the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and several others. There’s a very simple, inexpensive solution to these common diseases!

To prevent the many viruses that attack tomato plants this simple remedy really works! The antitranspirants protect the plant surface against disease spores. The skim milk provides the tomato plant with calcium. A calcium deficiency is common in tomato plants.

Antitranspirants can be used to protect many plants against bacterial disease before they attack. They are harmless and will not block the pores of the plant tissue.

To make

  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of antitranspirant (like Cloudcover, Wiltpruf etc.)
  • 8 ounces of skim milk
  • gallon of water.

Combine the ingredients in a sprayer, mixing well and spray on the affected tomato plants.

Clean out your sprayer when done and flush with fresh water.

NOTE: an equivalent of prepared powdered milk may be substituted for the skim milk.

Removing leaves on the lower portion of the plant may help lessen contact with disease spores and certainly won’t hurt the plant.

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