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Landscaping using what you have

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Need to dress up your lawn and garden areas, or perhaps a walkway with a very limited budget?

  • You can use free pallets to build enclosures for flower beds. For example, last year I had a Hole in the corner of our property. Using layers of leaves, peat moss, and horse puckey (free from a nearby farm) I built up a flower bed, enclosed with the slats from a broken pallet. I lined the edges with rocks and Voila, a beautiful enclosed Garden.
  • Need to Fertilize your lawn cheaply? Plant some clover, it provides a beautiful green cover which repairs nitrogen problems in the soil. It will continually fertilize your lawn for free
  • Interesting Containers– use whatever you have available to create unique fun containers. I once saw an old sneaker being used a planter for marigolds. They were growing quite well and it was really adorable sitting on the edge of the steps. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom of your containers & some small pebbles, stones, or marbles to allow for adequate drainage
  • Broken Plant Pot? No problem, lay it on its side to allow for the “sprawling” flower look, like an old dumped barrel.
  • Start Seeds indoors using homemade biodegradable newspaper plant pots, transfer them to your gardens pot and all.
  • Planting Vines along twine or trellises can produce a beautiful area of shading. Why not create a small “room” in your yard for children to play in
  • Keep an eye out – from unexpected freebies. Often times local landscaping or curb companies have items on hand that they do not want or need, such as sod, mulch, or even loam.
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