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Bargain Mulch tips

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Bargain Mulch & Landscaping Tips

If you like to mulch, but hate the price of those tiny bags, check out some of our landscaping tips . . .

  • If you need bags of Mulch, Peat Moss, Potting soil, etc, check with your local hardware/Farm Supply store. Oftentimes they have bags that have been torn or ripped (only missing a cup of two of the product), which they are willing to sell at a major discount. For instance, last spring I was able to purchase more than 50 bags of Red Cedar Mulch for around $12.
  • Oftentimes towns will mulch problem trees along public roads and highways, check with your town to see if you may collect these piles of free mulch.
  • Tip: If using mulch that doesn’t contain cedar or any other natural bug repellents you may want to mix in some garden safe pest removal product such as Seven’s Garden Dust. This will help keep termites and ants (among others) away from your plants and landscaping.
  • Purchase 1 Large Plant (Lirope, hostas, grasses, daylilies, etc) and divide it into 3 or 4 smaller plants.

    Need a Fast Fence?

    Rolls of Chicken Wire can be purchased rather inexpensively. For a rustic look find several small logs about 6 feet in length, 6″ around to use as posts. This will create a nice rustic looking fence. You can plant any kind of vine, such as morning glories for a beautiful effect

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