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MYO Glass Self Watering Planter

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Learn how to make your own glass self watering planter by repurposing a wine, liquor, or beer bottle. If you want a long-lasting planter that will continue to provide adequate water for your favorite windowsill plants, this one is perfect for you!
Originally we decided to make these because we were going camping for the weekend and I hated the idea of asking our neighbors to put aside their own schedule and try to remember to come and water the hordes of windowsill herbs we had growing in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have many glass bottles around, but after asking several friends we were able to come up with a few that were perfect for our latest project.

Video: MYO Glass Self Watering Planter


Directions to Cut Bottles

Now that you’ve seen the video, here are the step by step directions.

To Make your own Self Watering Planter:

You’ll Need:
1 small square of Screen (such as a piece of window screen)
Cotton String 6-8 Inches long
Moisture Wicking Soil
Wine, Liquor or Beer Bottles

Cut the Bottle using string, nail polish remover and a flame as instructed here. Once you have done so, take a small square of screen. We used an old window screen that had some tears in it and just cut a chunk out of it.


Next, fold over the square of the screen and make a small hole.


Thread the cotton string up through the hole. This string that you see pictured is quite thick so if you’re using a small cotton string, cut several strings together to allow adequate water draw.


Tie a knot in the string and give it a gentle tug to ensure that the string will not fall out through the screen. Then slip the string into the neck of the bottle and seat the screen at the bottom.


Fill it with potting soil, add seeds or young plants, water thoroughly. Be sure to fill the bottom of the bottle with water as well or your plant will not receive enough water to stay alive!


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