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MYO Plant Markers

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Plant markers are an effective method for remembering what you’ve already planted and where, preventing accidental duplicate plantings or, if the seeds fail to sprout, knowing what you need to “replant” in order to harvest a decent crop. Here are some simple DIY plant markers that are waterproof and reusable year after year.

You’ll Need:
a Laminator
Lamination Sheets

Printed Plant Markers (see templates below)

Free Plant Marker Templates:
Free Printable Plant Markers (Herbs)
Free Printable Plant Markers (Veggies)
Free Printable Markers (Blank)- write your own
Free Printable Plant Marker Template – blank, design your own

Print out a sheet of the free printable plant markers.


Cut out each marker and slide it into a 4×6 size lamination sheet, leaving equal amounts of space between each one.

When they laminate there is a 1/16th inch gap between the laminated item and the actual seal itself. (Failure to leave a 1/4″ gap to trim between will cause the seal to break when you cut them apart (which will allow moisture to get into your plant marker causing premature fading.)


If you’re using the pre-designed plant markers that we’ve provided, you can easily fit 4 per 4″x6″ lamination sheet.

Run the sheet through the laminator.


Cut them out & Stick them in the plant pots or garden.

Alternatively, if you’re using just the blank template, you can print it out on heavy duty cardstock paper. They can be decorated a number of ways:

  • Color them in with crayons or markers
  • Let the kids write the plant/herb names on each one
  • Apply tissue paper with Modge Podge to give them a Stained Glass effect
  • Cut out various scrapbook paper designs and glue them to the cardstock templates

Once the markers have been designed to your preferences, slip them into a laminate sheet and run them through the laminator. For this project we chose to use 5 mil laminate sheets, which are heavy enough to be stiff and stay within the soil without blowing away in the wind. If you’re concerned about how “light” they are, you could always hot glue the laminated marker to a popsicle stick or Plastic Knife for added strength.

We haven’t experienced any issues with them blowing away or falling over. They remain rigid year after year and wash easily at the end of the season.

Other Ideas for homemade plant markers:

  • Find smooth, flat stones and paint the names of various veggies/herbs on them, seal with lacquer finish to prevent the paint from washing off
  • Write on plastic spoons and then stick them in the soil
  • Write on popsicle sticks
  • Paint on Dollar store wooden spoons, stick the handle in the dirt
  • Paint rocks with chalkboard paint, write the names of herbs/veggies in chalk- this only works on indoor plants, careful you don’t “water” the rock!
  • Use a rubber mallet to pound metal spoons flat, paint the name on the flatten spoon and stick it in the dirt

We’d love to see photographs of your Homemade Plant Markers, please feel free to share your ideas and photos in the comments below!

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  1. i made my own plant markers using “jumbo craft sticks”. they are a littler larger than a popsickle stick and smaller than a tongue depressor. i just write on them with a magic marker and stick them into the soil at the end of the row.


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