Seedling Saver

seedling saver
Seedling Saver

Did you know that seedlings often die from bacterial and fungal infections before they have a chance to grow and mature? Here is a simple tip for saving your seedlings . . .

Make a light chamomile tea, allow it to cool thoroughly and use it to water your young seedlings. The chamomile works to prevent bacterial and fungal infections in young plants and helps prevent them from damping off. seedling-saver

Damping off, if you’re not familiar, is when young seedlings suddenly die off without warning and is usually caused by a soil borne fungus.

Chamomile can be purchased at health food stores, in the tea aisle of your favorite supermarket or online at amazon.

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  1. i start my seeds inside in february. so far just having a fan set on low so there is air circulation seems to do the trick.

    • I start my seeds inside in February. So far just having a fan set on low so there is air circulation seems to do the trick.

      I have had bad luck with seedlings and this is exactly what happens. Think I’ll give the fan a try – but may add some chamomile, too, just for insurance.

  2. ok, what do you do with the chamomile ? spread it dry ? ,ake tea and apply the tea?

    if so at what strength and how often ?? more info please 🙂

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