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Boosting Pepper Production

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Last year I harvested literally hundreds of peppers from my little garden. One neighbor, in particular, remarked several times how she “just couldn’t understand it” because she’d NEVER been able to get peppers to prosper in her garden.

Here’s a little secret- In a mister bottle dissolve 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts in about 3 cups of warm water.
Spray your pepper plants liberally. This vitamin mist will give your pepper plants a boost of magnesium which is necessary during flowering to produce fruit.


Wait 10 days and then spray them again, liberally. Within a few weeks, you’ll have more peppers than you can shake a stick at!

We do this with all of our pepper plants, jalapenos, bell peppers, etc.

Happy Gardening!

The Science Behind It

Epsom salt is hydrated Magnesium sulfate.  By using Epsom salts, you’re adding Magnesium and Sulphur macronutrients to the garden, which are two of the six essential macro-nutrients needed for plants to grow well.

Magnesium increases water retention, allowing for a better intake of nutrients. This water-soluble form of Magnesium helps with photosynthesis, helps with chlorophyll and glucose production. The sulfur helps with root growth, helps plants manage the cold and the production of enzymes. The sulfur also helps considerably with greatly enhancing the flavor of the peppers.


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